NOW LIVE!!! Left for Wild: A Stranded in the Wilderness Romance by Harloe Rae is available for the special release price of $2.99 + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!!

“FIVE STARS! …Sexy, suspenseful, a story of survival with a totally swoon-worthy hero. It’s a super fun thrill ride I couldn’t put down!” – Tia Louise, USA Today bestselling author
“Astonishing. Invigorating. Captivating. Riveting. Left for Wild left me wild!” – KL Savage, Amazon bestselling author
Left For Wild is my FAVORITE Harloe Rae book and absolutely everything I love about romance! The chemistry was fire, the slow burn was absolutely perfect… TOP 2020 Romance read for me!” – K.K. Allen, USA Today bestselling author
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Arrested. Wrongfully accused. Sentenced to ten years.
But the steel bars release me early. 
After serving half of my time for a crime I didn’t commit, they grant me parole—with a very short leash. My second chance at freedom begins now, and I won’t waste it. I should’ve been paying more attention.
Ambushed. Captured. Stranded.
When I wake in the depths of a snowy forest, all seems lost. I’ve been left alone in the wilderness with zero means of escape. Until someone rouses beside me.
I recognize Blakely Cross instantly, yet she’s barely more than a stranger. Now she’s stuck with me in the worst possible place, as collateral damage. 
Blakely blames me, and rightfully so. This entire situation is my fault. Our destinies are inadvertently twisted together by forces far larger than us. Whether she hates me or not, we need each other to stay alive.
Cope. Adapt. Persevere.
They tossed us out to be buried, but underestimated our determination. The bond we’re building will overcome the harshest conditions. 
And we’re not willing to surrender.

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