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My Everyday Hero – Eddie (Hot Hunks Steamy Romance Collection Book 2)

The seniors at the Retirement Center love their resident doctor, Eddie Kovack. After developing a close relationship with 80 year old Max King, he confides that he’s been estranged from his daughter for years, Eddie makes it his goal to find her. Then, success! Zoe King is ready to see Max with the handsome doctor guiding each step. 

AMAZON: https://l5cffe36b2ddf9c4060bcbd09Eeabaf474

Vegas Crush Box Set: A Hockey Love Story: 1 – 2 

Vegas Crush Series Starter Box Set! Contains Crushed and Sin Shot. Two Hockey Love Stories in one box set. Over 700 pages of hockey hotness and swoony romance for your reading pleasure. 

AMAZON: https://5cffe36b2ddf9c4060bcbd09E68fc3513


My name is Avery Decker, and my story isnโ€™t for the faint of heart. It is about revenge and hatred, misery and violence. I wasnโ€™t always this way even though it was in my blood. I grew up happy and in love with my best friend until she betrayed me and walked away. After that, I fell into the deep, dark world I was meant for. 

AMAZON: https://5cffe36b2ddf9c4060bcbd09Ea41a72dd

Waterfall Effect: (A Romantic Suspense Novel)

From USA Today bestselling and award winning author comes “A tale of small town secrets, of young love lost and found, infused with intense emotion, and speckled with spine-tingling twists and turns, this was truly one of the best books I’ve ever read.” Natasha is a Book Junkie 

AMAZON: https://5cffe36b2ddf9c4060bcbd09Ef84bee2c

Wicked Winter Breakup

Hannah suffers a devastating blow when her longtime boyfriend breaks up with her on New Yearโ€™s Eve, but will playing a game of musical beds get her any closer to marriage? 

AMAZON: https://5cffe36b2ddf9c4060bcbd09Ed18527af

APPLE: https://5cffe36b2ddf9c4060bcbd09B4feacd22

NOOK: https://5cffe36b2ddf9c4060bcbd09Bf1f82b9b

KOBO: https://5cffe36b2ddf9c4060bcbd09Bd1e0ebb2

The Wrong Kind of Love (The Boys of Jackson Harbor Book 1)

Runaway bride Nicole Maddox never expected to fall into bed with a sexy stranger. When she agrees to pretend to be her twin to escape her old life, sheโ€™s even more surprised to find herself working for the same sexy 

AMAZON: https://5cffe36b2ddf9c4060bcbd09E83444729

APPLE: https://5cffe36b2ddf9c4060bcbd09Baa217c33

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