Savage Vow: A Dark Mafia Arranged Marriage Romance 
(Ivanov Crime Family Book 1) 

I took her innocence as payment. 
She was far too young and naïve to be betrothed to a monster like me. 
I would bring only pain and darkness into her sheltered world. 

That’s why she ran.
I should’ve just let her go… 
She never asked to marry into a powerful Russian mafia family. 
None of this was her choice. 

Unfortunately for her, I don’t care. 
I own her… and after three years of searching… I’ve found her. 
My runaway bride was about to learn disobedience has consequences… punishing ones. 

Having her in my arms and under my control had become an obsession. 
Nothing was going to keep me from claiming her before the eyes of God and man. 
She’s finally mine now… and I’m never letting her go. 

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