★★ FREE FREE FREE ★★ Winning Whitney by Kat Mizera is FREE!

Amazon — https://amzn.to/31mfzZu
Universal — getbook.at/WinningWhitney
Apple — http://bit.ly/WinningWhitneyAPPLE
Kobo — http://bit.ly/WinningWhitneyKOBO
Google — http://bit.ly/WinningWhitneyGOOGLE

Hot shot hockey player Jake Carruthers has a plan – focus on his game and avoid distractions.

He’s succeeding at the first. The Alaska Blizzard has been on the upswing lately, but his focus shifts when the heart-stopping blonde from his past shows up in Anchorage. Yeah, his head is definitely not in the game anymore.

Headstrong Harvard grad Whitney Sommers wants nothing more than to forget her screwed-up life in Texas. She’s ready to choose from all the opportunities before her, but then she sees Jake and realizes some moments from her past can’t be forgotten; she remembers every part of being in his arms.

As Jake struggles to win Whitney’s trust, she teeters on the edge between what has been and what could be. But she’s forgetting one thing: he only plays to win.

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