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He kidnapped me.
Locked me up in his mansion.
Would it be too crazy to fall in love with this monster?

Luca is the oldest son of a mafia boss.
He’s the sanest one in his family, if you ask me.
His little girl makes him human.
But danger is still his middle name.
I’m drawn to his power.

His devilish gaze that wants every part of me.
He has a dark soul that fills a void in mine.
Reminding me of things that I’m capable of.
After his father’s assassination, Luca is the new king.
And he needs a partner in crime.
A queen.

Ruthless Empire is a dark mafia romance collection of 6 books from the Varasso Brothers series; Devils Pawn, Fallen Knight, Cruel Prince, Dark King, Merciless Queen, & Checkmate

AMAZON: https://QdH5-8RdEkno

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