Hollywood Prince (Hollywood Royalty Book 3) 

From a USA Today bestselling author: Actor Carter has always been a playboy — until PR consultant Erin is brought on to rehab his image. And though Erin can’t stand her arrogant new client, his seductive ways will make it hard to keep things professional…

AMAZON: http://aRz3TetCa9pjii2QASB0c8

APPLE: http://JNw0768zJ_fDudbg

Code Name: Genesis (Jameson Force Security Book 1)

A white-hot USA Today bestseller! When Joslyn is threatened by a dangerous stalker, she turns to the only person she trusts — security specialist Kynan, whose heart she broke years ago… “A sensual suspense from first page to last” (New York Times bestselling author Susan Stoker)

AMAZON: http://cBaF-xzJCgNDnlNVcGw

APPLE: http://VvcalSlKKMMxIi4Xvpio6qUUs8ARclejX5vYZFbwC0M

NOOK: http://tPlm9YzNcxlPWSOEG3cM6W2uLrwlFQ

The Tycoon’s Pregnant Lover (European Tycoon Book 1) 

Romance novelist Brandy and bad-boy billionaire Maximillian are both ordered to live at Landon Castle until they can figure out who owns it. But living together brings them closer — and a moment of passion leads to lasting consequences…

AMAZON: http://fz773W0p2MIVaUf3cObxhOoWDSgg5PKBT5zB8mSKibo

APPLE: http://xcDNPHd0VTciDBmsOSfbnpofXWhpT7FsKZcKn9vM

Conjuring Destiny: A Fantasy romance (Brides of Prophecy Book 3) 

When Xochitl meets the mysterious, sexy stranger in her dreams, she learns her life has a purpose she never imagined. But falling in love with immortal sorcerer Zareth will force her to confront a difficult choice…

AMAZON: http://2l32ED-I

APPLE: http://DLe6aJnXlZf6kvKrVKrfEFNXz4HmWhbiV7tYvCO6ngs

NOOK: http://JbKB6QBMGDfI8d8XsQNgG3cH3scMcsEXtfWcm0EM

BEWARE THE PAST a gripping crime thriller with a huge twist (Detective Matt Ballard Book 1)

For 25 years, DCI Matt Ballard has lived with doubts about a series of murders he encountered early in his career. When an unmarked envelope arrives, revealing new details of the crime, Matt is drawn into a deadly new game of cat and mouse… With over 12,500 five-star Goodreads ratings.

AMAZON: http://WCN5cu-gfNX2FbOttujq_KEFo

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