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Win a Date with a Billionaire! 
Everyone wanted me to enter. The reason I shouldn’t? I was a walking, talking, dating disaster.

My name’s Marika. I ran a coffee shop in a small town. Things were fine until that fancy resort, The Blue Spot, that catered to the wealthy moved in down the road. They stole all my customers with their posh coffee shop open to the public.

How could I compete with the rich and powerful? Perhaps if I entered their Win a Date with a Billionaire contest, I could win enough money to help my business. I wouldn’t tell them about my horrible dating history or especially about that one guy who ended up in the hospital. They didn’t need to know that, did they?

As a VidTube star, most people had heard of me. I was Jokin’ James. Everyone except the woman I was falling for, Marika. I had been coming by her coffee shop for almost a year, but she had no idea who I was or that my brother owned the resort that was stealing her customers.

We were friends, but I wanted more. I was all ready to ask her out when she entered the contest my brother was running. Not only that, but the resort wanted me to be a part of the contest. Now she would discover that my family owned The Blue Spot. And worst of all, that I wasn’t from that small town at all. That I was a celebrity billionaire.

A sexy, funny, small-town billionaire romance involving mistaken identity, dating disasters, and a picnic so bad even the ants ran in fear.

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