🍩 🎧 AUDIO RELEASE 🎧 🍩 Take A Number by Amy Daws!

Looking for an escape!? 

There is seriously nothing better than a romantic comedy on audio to take your mind off things (and provide excellent company as you get some laundry done). 

Top 13 bestselling author, Amy Daws, has just released her latest book to audio NOW! Grab Take A Number: a fun, flirty, and seriously steamy LOL book that’s been rocking the Amazon Top 100 charts for nearly a month now! 

Dean Moser is a playboy stock market savant who’s invested in the new cronut bakery and when the seriously cute owner, Norah, needs a fake date for a big event to get her matchmaking mother off her back…he steps in to save the day. 
However, when Norah ends up locking lips with him to spite her meddling mother, things heat up quicker than a donut in a fryer. 

Narrated by hit rom-com team, Erin Mallon and Teddy Hamilton! 

Read or listen to Take A Number now! 
E-Book (free in KU)—> https://geni.us/TakeANumber 
Audiobook—> http://bit.ly/TANAudioUS 

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