FAIRYTALE WRATH by M.H.B is out now!! + Exclusive Excerpt

Today we have the release day blitz for M.H.B.’s new romance, Fairytale Wrath! Check it out and be sure to get your copy today!

Title: Fairytale Wrath

Author: M.H.B

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Fairytale Wrath:

They say all men are monsters…

Money means power and power gives your skeletons a taste for retribution

They came for me

Suffocating me, dragging me to my knees

Using my past and my future as a double weapon against me

…I’m not a monster…

Lily Carter envisioned a beautiful fairy tale

But perfect is an illusion

And so, a veil of nightmares stood between us and our happy ending

Leading the dormant beast inside my head to awaken after all

But I will protect what’s mine…

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Exclusive Excerpt:

I took a few steps towards her, trapping her body against the kitchen counter. “Lily,” I said, thumbing her cheek, drinking in every feature of her face. I wanted to remember everything about her despite my boiling anger. “Me being angry doesn’t mean I don’t love you… I understand why you did what you did, but it doesn’t lessen the resentment.”

She nodded, a single tear falling down her beautiful face. God, she was pretty, a beautiful work of art. Perfectly extraordinary. I didn’t want to make her cry, I didn’t want to be the reason for her pain. Yet, for once, I had to acknowledge my own before catering to someone else’s feelings.

She lifted up on her toes and pressed a soft kiss over my mouth. It was the kind of kiss I wanted to memorize by heart because I didn’t know when I would get another. Not with our situation. So instead I returned the lip-lock, pushing my body against hers, knowing I wasn’t being fair to either of us.

Her kiss was shy and timid, like she was letting me dictate and see where things were headed next. My cock was telling me to shut up and bring her to my bed while my brain told me to take a breather, to think things through.

I allowed myself to kiss her a few more seconds, my thumb and forefinger clutching her chin before I let go.

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About MHB

M . H . B . graduated law from a Canadian University. She loves spending time with her partner and her dog. She has a passion for animals and loves the simple things in life: chocolate, music, books, sunny days, and overall wellness. When she is not writing, her mind is in another world with a book in hand.


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