⚾️ 💗 N E W  •  R E L E A S E 💗 ⚾️ DOUBLE CONTACT by Christy Pastore is LIVE for 99 cents!

As a professional baseball player, women have never been a challenge.
Until I met her.
Brunette. Beautiful. Vivacious.
Just as I’m ready to take my shot, my teammate jock blocks me.
Turns out he saw her first.
That was two years ago.
As luck would have it, our paths crossed again, and this time, I don’t waste a second.
I want my chance.

*Lark and Brenner’s story first appeared in the limited release anthology Playing To Win. This novella has been revised with additional chapters.

99C RELEASE PRICE → The eBook price will jump to $2.99 on 12/1/2020!
⚾️ Amazon → https://geni.us/DoubleContactAMZ
⚾️ Barnes & Noble → https://geni.us/DoubleContactBn
⚾️ iBooks → https://geni.us/DoubleContactiB
⚾️ Kobo → https://geni.us/DoubleContactKo
⚾️ Eden Books → https://geni.us/DoubleContactEB

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