It’s Our Secret is on sale until December 31st!

It was only a little lie.
That’s how stories like these get started.

With every lie I told, he saw right through me.
I think in his heart he knew I was broken; he felt my pain as if it was his.

And that’s what changed everything.
He’s the reason it all fell apart.

Sometimes it’s a single moment that alters everything in existence.
Sometimes it’s the chain reaction of falling dominoes, lined up in pretty little rows and designed so that each one will cause more and more pain as it topples.
In a single day, everything changed, and there’s no way to go back.
I didn’t know what would happen. Secrets and lies ruin everything and I should have known better.
For the first time in I don’t know how long, I wish I could take it back. I’d take every bit of it back if I could just be with him again. 

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