Your Christmas Love is only 99¢!

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About the book:

I love everything about the Christmas season: the eggnog, the presents, the carols. So when the opportunity arises to coordinate the holiday events at my workplace, I sign up right away. But my new boss, Winston Statham, is going to be a slight problem. He is far too sexy for my own good. Just looking at him makes me want to do things that would put me on Santa’s naughty list. But he’s also broody and commanding and doesn’t appreciate my Christmas spirit. 

When he finds me in his favorite meeting room, hanging up decorations, sparks fly between us… 
When he dances with me at the Christmas party, he’s more charming than broody…
When he asks me to stay overtime, work isn’t the only thing on his mind… 
Between smoking hot kisses and even hotter nights together, I discover that underneath the tough exterior is a man fighting with everything he has to save the business his parents built. 

I fall so hard for him, that I can’t imagine ever letting him go. But with his future up in the air, can Winston give me anything more than an unforgettable Christmas season?

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