Which rock star god will you fall for?

The seductive, tempting guitarist who will wait forever for the woman he loves.

The gorgeous, sexy, but lonely guitarist keeping a grim secret from his friends and bandmates.

The reserved, smoldering keyboardist who only cares about the music – even if it costs him everything.

The spirited, unruly drummer with a manic grin covering up anguish and regret.

This complete Cherry Lips series features four rock star gods and the girls who tame their wild hearts.

Included in this boxset:

Hard Rock Crush:
Record label, adoring fans, industry respect. I have everything I always wanted, but I’m so close to f*cking it up. All because of that cocky rock star god, Liam Knight.

Hard Rock Kiss:
Rock star god Nathan Walker is the first person to make me feel alive in years. But I can’t let this happen. I can’t let us happen. For my sake, and for his.

Hard Rock Muse:
Julian Woods is an emotionally repressed rock star. I’m the woman he left heartbroken and betrayed. Can I really accept a songwriting gig with the smoldering, secretive man who shattered my heart?

Hard Rock Love:
Seth Powers is my big sister’s best friend. This rock star god knows I’m off-limits. But is that a rule he’s willing to break?

Price increases on Dec 17th release date so one-click now!

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