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AU: http://amzn.to/34isGvZ
I was sleepwalking through my life. 
I thought it was all “enough”– decent job, home, fiancé I was marrying in a few short weeks.
And then the dreams begin again–dreams I’ve had since I was a child–
about a man named Nick, who loves me above all else. About desire so frenzied it borders on obsession.
I worry I’m going insane, until I wake in the hospital and meet my new doctor…Nick, beautiful and compelling and very, very real. 
The attraction is immediate, and desperate. Our love feels bigger than either of us…as if it’s fate. But the closer we get to the truth–about the things I can do and a prophecy that involves us both–the more dangerous it becomes.
Because Nick will die to keep me safe…and that’s exactly what those who fear the prophecy want.

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