A surprise wedding at Christmas would be awesome if I hadn’t been planning to break up with the groom. Now I’m left running in a red gown and heels to escape the horror of an ambush wedding, and I’ve inadvertently trapped a hot man in a suit in the elevator with me. 

Only me. The woman with a permanent seat on the Hot Mess Express. 

Though the mystery man turns out to be a dream at hailing a cab and making a girl who’s down on her luck have a magical night in New York City. I wouldn’t mind a little makeout under the mistletoe. 

But when the ice skating is over will there be a future or a miss with fate?

AMAZON https://iqJeKtFTA

APPLE https://5BYeaPr4RmcTOUFOyqXy4njb1h13lGYksUpW82g2Ix4

NOOK https://uEM3RNwtm3G3mM3ZBVZQ

KOBO https://b1ANGC7PwaPXBllBSGXGpYBzjZ3AIu9pMaH77fwRV2k


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