Becoming a pop star’s muse wasn’t part of my college plan …

But I can’t say I have any complaints.

Jonathan swept into my life and turned my world completely upside down.

With his star rising, I’ve become the target of the hungry mob of paparazzi, and it’s far more than I bargained for. 

My own dreams pull me in another direction, away from the glow of his spotlight, and I’m afraid I’ll have to choose between being with the man I love and the goals I’ve been pursuing my whole life. 

Isn’t there a way I can have both?

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My best friend Tate and I have plans. Big plans. 

1.    Get the hell out of Merlot, California.

2.    Ride trains around the world.

Though I have a secret third entry on the list of things I want to do …

3. Tate Lemieux

But when my family gets a life-changing diagnosis just as I’m about to graduate, all my plans look like they’ll go up in smoke. 

Right when I finally get the chance to be with the boy I’ve always loved … 

Will it end before it’s even begun?

Boy on the Train is a 38,000 word standalone, new adult, friends to lovers romance from USA Today bestselling author Leslie McAdam full of sweet tension, fun banter & a side of family drama. Download your copy today!

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