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I turned my back on civilization. Now I live in an isolated cabin deep in the woods. Monsters belong in the forest.

But on a rare trip to the city, my dog, Rufus, runs off. Injured and lost, he’s found and nursed back to health by Bethany, the sweetest city girl I ever laid eyes on, with a gentle voice and curves that don’t quit. I can’t take my eyes off of her. But we’re from two different worlds. I take Rufus back to the forest, but neither of us will ever forget her.

Months later, Rufus catches a scent. It’s the woman who saved him, the woman I haven’t been able to stop thinking about. When I see the men chasing her, I’m filled with a protective fury like I’ve never felt. I fight them off…and when I look into Bethany’s eyes, all I want to do is scoop her up in my arms and kiss those sweet lips. But I have to resist. If she knew what I’d done….

When I find out who’s after her, I know there’s only one place she’ll be safe. I shelter her in my cabin…but how am I supposed to fight my feelings when every look, every accidental touch, makes me want her more? She’s determined to help me face the demons of my past. I’m determined to keep her safe…even if that means pushing her away. But what neither of us counted on is how far her pursuers will go to possess her. Even in the deep woods, we may not be safe. They’re powerful. They’re dangerous. And they’re coming.

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