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The man who walked away from her eighteen years ago is back—and he’s her bodyguard.

Retired Navy SEAL Oswald “Oz” Morgon heads an elite team of men to save and protect, but to him it’s a way of life. While his brotherhood is his heart and soul, they’re also the family he’ll never have. Then a call comes in to find the one woman who always had a grip on his heart. Oz has fought a lot of battles, but when Rose is thrown back into his arms—and under his protection—he knows he’s on the losing end.

As a JAG Corps Officer, Rose Kilbourn never expected to be kidnapped for doing her job, and there’s only one man who can save her. Back in the day, she believed Oz was the man for her. Then he vanished, leaving her with a secret she can’t confide to another soul on Earth.

If Oz chose a different path, he might have Rose now. But a man who’s lied, cheated and killed to save those he guards doesn’t deserve the sweetness of a woman like Rose. Still, he steals moments while he can, and Rose can’t bring herself to walk away from the happily ever after she always wanted. Now she must decide whether or not to use her secret to ensnare the wild man who must protect her or die trying.

Dial up the heat with this page-turning bodyguard romance and BINGE ON to the next in series!

AMAZON https://ywtwXFzNKemfbXDDnC0GN1vHGy5xj7hA

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