CATACOMBS is FREE on all vendors for a limited time!!!

‘There is no God for you but me. There is no heaven waiting for you. I own your soul and your body. I own your mind. I am your life and your only reason for existence.”

For I am the devil, and I am in love.

She was made to bow at my throne. A sad, pretty apostate. 

A vampire with no bite, no power, and no bloodline. Friendless, damaged, and bearing a powerful secret.

One, as king, I will treasure. Hide away. Sequestering my new queen from court.

She is only for my eyes. 

Pearl will exist to please me, to love me. And to assure it, each dusk her memories of all I’ve done to her shall be washed clean. A fresh canvas—a lump of innocent clay to mold as I will.

And my will is a terrible thing.

Publisher’s Note: Catacombs is a tale of pure horror. If such material offends you, please do not purchase.

Snag your copy before the sale ends!!!


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