A Scot Mess: a comedy of errors (The Hots for Scots Book 1)

Laird Oliphant’s sons have no choice but to get married. Without an heir, the laird has gathered his sons–his six illegitimate sons, all born in the same year–and declared whoever presents him with a grandson first, will become the next Highland Laird. 

Reactions are…mixed.
But to Finn Oliphant, this is exactly the news he’s been hoping for. You see, Finn has already chosen his future wife: the vivacious and intelligent Fiona MacIan, whom he fell in love with the previous year. He knows she’s in love with him as well, so this whole “marriage ultimatum” thing should be easy-peasy. He’ll simply invite Fiona to Oliphant Castle to sign all the betrothal contracts and… Bam! Done! They can get on with the baby-making!


It’s not that Fiona is getting cold feet, exactly. She’s fairly certain she loves Finn. Mostly. Well, verra likely, at least. But she’s never been the most self-confident woman, especially compared to her sister–her identical twin sister–whom Finn happens to mistake for Fiona upon their arrival at his keep, which is super-awkward all around.

The idea of marrying Finn makes her feel all warm and giddy–hopefully that’s just lust, not the ague–but how can she be certain he truly wants her, and not just any woman? 

It’s hard enough to be certain of anything on Oliphant land, especially with Finn’s mad Aunt Agatha spreading rumors, five potential brothers-in-law offering terrible advice, and a mysterious ghostly drummer keeping the entire keep awake at all hours.

And mayhap Finn should’ve mentioned his identical twin brother as well? That information likely would have saved everyone a lot of headache…and a lot of heartbreak. 

Finn and Fiona have plenty to learn about themselves, and one another, before they can be certain this marriage is a good idea. But unfortunately, they’re running out of time. Dun-dun-duuuuuuuun! 

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Wicked in Winter (Lost Harbor, Alaska Book 4)

Everyone needs a fresh start sometime. For Gretel Morrison, that time is now, and the place is tiny, snowbound Lost Harbor, Alaska. It’s about time she learned how to rely on herself instead of her wealthy, controlling family. If she can survive the winter here, she can survive anything—although maybe not the lethally sexy and attractive next-door neighbor, Zander Ross.  

Zander has his hands full raising his two younger brothers. The last thing he needs is distraction in the form of a spoiled rich girl who has no idea what she’s in for. He’d bet anything she won’t make it past the next blizzard—although he might not either, not with his sanity intact. With her dazzling smile and lighthearted style, she’s everything he’s not. And everything he longs for. 

When a threat to the Ross family surfaces, Zander gets the shock of his life when Gretel steps up with an outrageous idea that might help them both. Can he trust her enough to take a chance? Or will Gretel’s mega-millionaire father find a way to ruin their amazing-but-fragile new bond?

Alaska winters are always wild, but this one is about to get wicked. 

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Hot and Sexy (Some Like it Hot Book 1)

She has him just where she wants him…

Joelle Sommers is very good at her job as a PI and bail recovery agent, but she’s definitely out of her element when she arrests sexy businessman Dean Colter in a case of mistaken identity. Because unlike her usual fugitives, Dean is cooperative, accommodating, and hot as sin . . . and not at all guilty as charged. But this bad boy isn’t so innocent either, and she finds it increasingly hard to resist his seductive charm, and their mutual attraction.  

After years of working himself to the point of having no life outside the office, Dean Colter is in the mood for an adventure. But being kidnapped by a gorgeous bounty hunter—one he discovers is into bondage, to boot—isn’t exactly what he had in mind. Still, it doesn’t take long for him to realize that being a willing captive has its advantages. 

Jo might be the one with the handcuffs, but Dean’s about to discover the key to unleashing the passionate, uninhibited woman beneath the tough, stubborn facade. And when he does, all bets are off.

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Taming Him (Bishop Brothers Book 1)

He’s sexy, charming and has a panty-melting smirk.
She’s swearing off men.
Two weeks on the beach is what they both need—no strings attached, no expectations, no broken hearts. 

Alex Bishop is your typical cowboy.
Charming, sexy, and wears a panty-melting smirk.

Working on the ranch helped build his solid eight-pack and smoking body. He’s every girl’s wet fantasy and he knows it too. Alex doesn’t follow the rules of your typical playboy bachelor. After wining and dining his dates and giving them the best night of their lives, he always sends flowers and calls the next day—even if it’s to say, let’s just be friends. His mama taught him manners after all and his southern blood knows how to be a gentleman. Still, that isn’t enough to tame the wildest of the Bishop brothers.

River Lancaster has finally met the man of her dreams. Too bad after six months of romantic bliss, she finds out he’s married. With a broken heart and blind rage, she books herself a ticket to Key West, Florida. Tired of cheaters and liars, she’s set on escaping to forget he ever existed. Who needs a man when there’s an all-you-can-drink margarita bar, anyway? That’s what she tells herself until she bumps into the right guy who can make all those bad memories disappear.

Even if it’s only temporarily.

Two weeks on the beach is what they both need. No strings attached, no expectations, no broken hearts. Too bad the universe has other plans—one that’ll change the entire course of their lives in just nine short months.

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My Wicked Prince 

He was my prince charming. 
My fairy tale gone totally wrong. 

My mother marrying the king was supposed to give my mom and me our happily ever after. But my life isn’t a bedtime story and no prince with a fancy shoe is turning me into a Cinderella. 

I had big plans outside of my small but powerful country. But Gunnar, the wicked prince in a gorgeous package, was temptation too strong for me to resist. His sweet lies and sweeter kisses pulled me back into his arms over and over again until his cold cruel heart finally broke mine for good. 

Now he’s going to be King and he wants me back in his country, his palace…and his bed. 

And we all must bow to the King.

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