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Trident Security Series: A Special Collection: Volume III

**A Special Collection of books in the Trident Security series and its multiple spinoff series – Volume III

Tickle His Fancy: Trident Security

All around him, Brody Evans’s Trident Security teammates have fallen in love and gotten their happily ever after. Ironically, they’d always thought the charismatic Dominant would be the first one to fall—not the last. 

While helping a friend try a new bakery for her wedding cake, he finds himself drooling—not over the delicious confections, but the sweet baker who’d created them. Although she seems immune to his charms, he’s determined to win her over. 

The lone survivor of a horrific car accident that claimed the lives of her husband and unborn child, Fancy Maguire’s world was destroyed. Three years later, she’s finally shedding the dark shroud she’d been existing under. When Brody sparks something deep within her she never expected to feel again, will she dare to give love another try? 

With a killer on the loose and an unknown vandal targeting Fancy’s business, Brody finds plenty of reasons to keep her close. Can he break through the steel barrier she has wrapped around her heart? Or will he lose her before he can convince her to take a second chance on love?

Absolving His Sins: Trident Security

The huntress has become the hunted, in more ways than one. Jordyn Alvarez works for the United States government—a fact no one in authority will admit. She does Uncle Sam’s dirty work. Some might call her an agent, but few know her real title—assassin. 

Trained by one of the best black operatives in the world, she wants nothing more than to add him to the long list of people she’s sent straight to hell; but she doesn’t dare get close to him ever again. If she did, she couldn’t be sure her body wouldn’t betray her once more and she’d wind up in bed with him. But with her cover blown, she may not have a choice. 

Who is he? He’s a ghost. A man with one name—Carter.

Double Down & Dirty: Doms of The Covenant

Grayson and Remington Mann—fraternal twins, the CEOs of Black Diamond Records, and Dominants in the BDSM lifestyle who enjoy sharing the same woman.

Abigail Turner—the Mann brothers’ personal secretary and an innocent woman who’s off limits . . . or is she?

Gray and Remi have been craving the woman they see every day at the office, but their strict policy of not dating employees puts a huge crimp in things. That is, until they discover Abigail has a naughty little secret. Now, there’s nothing holding the men back as they set out to show her how they can both love her and she can love them in return.

Come meet the Doms of The Covenant and the submissives who bring them to their knees.

Option Number Three: Trident Security

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas . . . or does it?

Dominant Mitch Sawyer has been lusting after submissive Tori Frejya since she first stepped into the private BDSM club he owns with his cousins. But he’d waited too long to approach her, and she now belongs to someone else, while he watches from afar. When Tori asks him for a favor that involves going to Vegas with her and her Dominant switch, Tyler Ellis, Mitch can’t refuse.

After a night with Tori and Tyler, which goes way out of his comfort zone, Mitch is left confused and unsure for the first time in his life. He now faces three options—but will he have the courage to choose the one he never knew he wanted?

***The Trident Security series contains elements of the BDSM lifestyle, sensual romance, nail-biting suspense, and happily-ever-afters. 

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The James Thomas Romantic Suspense Box Set (Three Complete Romantic Suspense Novels) 

James Thomas is a dangerous man with a past full of secrets, the skills to keep them, and a singular purpose…survival.

Escanta (Book 1)
James Thomas just can’t stay away from the beautiful Makaela Ashwood, and Makaela doesn’t want him to. He knows he shouldn’t get involved with a woman, especially one who upholds the law. He needs to focus on his own situation, the clandestine organization that wants him dead, known only as Escanta.

Saratani (Book 2)
The hunted becomes the hunter when enemies close in. Bodyguard and former CIA operative, James Thomas goes on the attack, protecting Makaela Ashwood, the woman he shouldn’t love.

Sarquis (Book 3)
Makaela Ashwood just buried the wrong man, and her best friend has been spying on her for thirteen years. She needs a vacation and ex-CIA agent turned Security Specialist, James Thomas knows just the place.

Publisher Note: Best suited for readers who like strong characters, intrigue, and smoking-hot romance.

The James Thomas Series
The Favor

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Forever Only Once (Promise Me Book 1)

Hazel Noble has survived horrors she wouldn’t inflict on her worst enemy. Since then, she’s healed, found herself, and connected with a group of women she’s proud to call her friends. However, when they make a pact to start looking for love, Hazel finds herself not only up first but also forced to face a past she thought she’d escaped.

Cross Brady has no need for a relationship. As the oldest of five, he’s always been the one his family can rely on. Now, all he wants is to work in peace and live his life. His priorities shift dramatically, though, when Cross finds himself in Hazel’s path.

Though the two initially fight their connection, they soon learn that it’s safer to fall for each other than keep running from what’s holding them back—not to mention, who wants them dead.

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