Red Thorns is only $0.99 for a LIMITED TIME!!!

Each book in the Red Thorns Crew complete series is only $0.99 till February 11th (UK and US sale)! This is a college bully romance, but the love interest is NOT the bully. It’s also a Motorcycle Club romance. 


Book 1:
Book 2:
Book 3:


Danika is a sophomore in college. She’s super organized and knows what she wants. She even has a five and ten-year life plan.
Dani’s goal of keeping her nose in her textbooks and getting impeccable grades has served her well. Made her parents proud. Kept her on a path toward the white-picket fence and clean-cut husband she always dreamt she wanted. The life her parents wanted for her more than anything.

Until she sees Max pull up to campus on his bike.

Max is the president of the Red Thorns, the toughest motorcycle crew in Ann Arbor.
He took over during a time of turbulence and has restored balance and the closest thing to peace men like him can achieve. He’s a steady and fierce leader who leaves no room for error and commands the respect of his men.
Everything is running smoothly for him and his crew until they take a new job and find themselves back in the kind of hot water Max has been working hard for three years to avoid.

When a girl enters the picture, things are made infinitely more complicated.

Suddenly, Max has more to worry about – and protect – than he thought he did. There’s danger on the horizon, and there’s nowhere to go but forward.

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