ON SALE!!! Chance Rapids Books 1-5!

Love Small Town Romance? Welcome to Chance Rapids.

If flannel shirts, steamy second chances, evil developers, and small town charm are your jam, you’re going to love the Chance Rapids Collection.

AMAZON https://ovkdvgrlEfzOmkvGQDYSjgqRScozSq0KGupH3W0

Five Book Collection Includes:

Second Chances

When my new boss showed up, she turned my small-town life upside down.
That sophisticated woman sticks out like a sore thumb in this mountain town.
Oh, did I mention that she’s older, curvy, and sexy as hell?
Yeah, every guy in town want to get her into their bed.
Not me.
I know that city girls don’t last long in Chance Rapids.
And, something doesn’t add up.
For a fancy land developer, she doesn’t know the first thing about running a construction site.
She’s hiding something from me. I can tell.
But, those green eyes and yoga pants light a fire inside me and I can’t stay away. I want to put a baby inside her.

It’s crazy. I’ve been burned before, but she makes me want to risk it all.

One More Chance

I left that hockey player in my rear-view mirror fifteen years ago.
If he thinks I’m going to fall at his feet because he’s paid millions to chase a puck around some frozen water, he’s got another thing coming.
No matter how hard he tries, there’s no way in hell I’m giving that grade A you-know-what, a second chance. I don’t care if he’s got the sexiest eight pack I’ve ever seen, or that his crystal blue eyes pierce into my soul.
Sure, he may be a big shot superstar now, but I remember who he was, and people don’t change.

If I had my way, I would never set eyes on him again; but for now, I’m stuck walking down the aisle with the man who broke my heart.

Accidental Chances

Never, EVER, fall in love with your fake fiance.
Oh, Please. That’s the easy part.
Why? Well, I hate him.
Sure, he’s hot and his abs could make a washboard jealous, but he’s also arrogant, cocky, and worst of all, a player…
Now, we’re stuck playing house in Chance Rapids; faking it for his family – and the small-town rumor mill.
That means putting on a show: kissing, holding hands, and gazing into his crystal blue eyes – but that’s where it ends.
Nope. There’s no way I’m sleeping with him.
This is a business arrangement, and I don’t mix business with pleasure.
But, tell that to the butterflies in my stomach, the ones that go wild whenever he touches me.

I think I’m Screwed.

A Secret Chance

A second chance with a billionaire?
Not for me. Nope. No thank you.
Am I crazy to turn down a man as hot and rich as him?
But we can’t be together.
Not when I’ve kept a secret like this one for the past ten years.
That night we spent tangled up in the sheets together at the heli skiing lodge changed my life forever.
Now, the man I thought I’d never see again is sitting across from me at the bargaining table – and it’s my job to destroy him.

My simple small-town life just got really complicated…

Reckless Chances

My wedding date is my best friend Adam’s ex.
Aaaaand it’s his wedding.
Yeah, sounds like a soap opera, doesn’t it?
Stuff like this doesn’t happen in our small town.
I wish I would’ve known she was off-limits before I fell for her.
Before her touch could send shivers through my entire body.
Before I learned the awful truth about her and the terrible thing she did…

The Chance Rapids Series has all the small-town feels you love: canoes, cabins, and loads of flannel shirts. Grab the boxed set and get acquainted with five new, wood stacking, beard stroking, steamy hot mountain men.

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