SALE!!! ROGUE HUNTER for only $0.99!

For this weekend only you can get your hands on the deliciously sexy, heart-stoppingly gripping ROGUE HUNTER for only $0.99/£0.99. 

A detached special forces operative with everything to lose… A feisty Instagrammer who’s used to getting her way…

When Instagram influencer and entrepreneur, Izzy, starts getting threatening notes, she turns to her mother’s old friend, military veteran, Pat who runs a private security company, the Rogue Unit, to help her. Pat assigns Drake, a new recruit to be her personal protection officer. With abs harder than barnacles and eyes the color of the ocean, Izzy can’t deny her attraction to the strong, silent bodyguard – but despite her best attempts, he remains aloof.

Drake needs this job. He went off the rails after leaving the military and this is his one chance to forge a career for himself out of the special forces. Izzy wasn’t quite the assignment he was expecting, but when she gets kidnapped during a fashion shoot on the exotic island of Tenerife, things suddenly get serious. Drake knows he’s got to get her back if he’s to save her life – and his future!

Download now at the links below: 

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