Adriana Locke Sway

Leslie Pike The Adventure – All platforms 

Lacey Black My Kinda Kisses

Logan Chance Like A Boss

Audrey Carlan Resisting Roots

Grahame Claire It’s Not Over

Kaylee Ryan Play By Play

Rochelle Paige Push The Envelope

Laura Pavlov Legacy

Beverly Preston Taste Of Summer

Raine Miller The Undoing Of Libertine

One thought on “FREEBIES!!!!

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    Some may ask, “How can you LOVE someone who’s locked away in a concrete box?” “How can LOVE grow when it’s held captive behind walls and fences?” These are the people that don’t know LOVE, who don’t understand it’s essence, nor it’s power. LOVE is not satisfiable. You can never satisfy it, nor can you conquer it. And to understand it, well….Most don’t live long enough…



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