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After my mother passed away, I packed up my entire life and moved to her home country of Ireland. I wanted a change of scenery, a different life… to distance myself from the memories of all that I lost.
I wanted a fresh start.
The small Irish village of Duthmoore was everything I had hoped when I envisioned myself starting a new life.
And for the first time since I lost her, I felt like I was home… like I wasn’t alone.
It wasn’t until I found myself walking into Getting Lucky, the most well-known pub in Duthmoore, that I found myself face-to-face with the owner, Cillian McGowan, and realizing that maybe Duthmoore had a hell of a lot more to offer than I thought.


I was a born and raised Scot but on a whim had moved to Duthmoore, Ireland, and started up my own pub.
Over the years, Getting Lucky had become the most popular pub in the village, and business was booming.
My pub was my dream, my life, the only thing I needed to focus on, or so I thought.
When I saw the pretty strawberry-blonde walk into my pub, I was pretty sure angels sang, the world slowed, and everything else faded away.
I’d never been so mesmerized by another person, never felt like if I wasn’t near them, the air would be sucked from my lungs.
But I sure as hell felt like that for Aoife.

And as the hours passed and she consumed more, her story started to unfold.
I had never thought love at first sight was possible, but with her, it was very clear I didn’t know much about how the world worked.
Because I was already head over heels for the little Irish-American, and I was pretty sure I couldn’t let her walk away after tonight.


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