★ ★ ★ FREEBIE ALERT! ★ ★ ★

“Kelly Jamieson delivers a blazing passionate read that also tugs at the heartstrings!”

—Carly Phillips, New York Times Bestselling Author

Rule of Three, a blazing hot menage romance from USA Today bestselling author Kelly Jamieson is FREE for a limited time only! 

Read your copy for FREE today → http://bit.ly/3vYiqpf

Kassidy’s always been a good girl. She wants to be a little bad. Dag’s a bad boy who is very, very good. And Chris? He likes to watch…

When Dag returns to Chicago to catch up with his old college buddy Chris and meet his new girlfriend, none of them are expecting the turn of events that turns a loving twosome into a sizzling hot threesome. As old feelings resurface, and new attractions are explored, a storm of sexual sparks explodes that leads them into forbidden areas.

Kassidy amazingly loves the attention of her two men, but neither she nor Chris anticipate the ménage taking a sharp turn toward Dag…and his feelings for Chris. When it’s revealed that Dag’s attraction to Chris is one big reason he left town, a tangled mess of old hurts and new feelings might destroy friendship….love…might destroy everything.

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