🎉 🌟 💦 Limited Time Deal! 💦 🌟 🎉 $.99 for 4 Books!

✔️ 4 Books

✔️ Geeky Heroines

✔️ Possessively Sweet Heroes

✔️ Friends to Lovers

✔️ Second Chances


Four scorching, geeky ménage stories, one collection


Roll Against Trust

Tasha’s not looking for love, but she  doesn’t mind just looking… and maybe a little fantasizing about her two best friends and weekend AD&D buddies.


Roll Against Regret

Zoe’s broadened her horizons since she hooked up with Jackson, but their latest shared fantasy beats all others.


Roll Against Discovery

When Evan and Trevor offer to keep Kathryn company during an anime convention, she’s not letting her shy self screw up the opportunity.


Roll Against Betrayal

Sydney can’t believe how incredible the hottie she meets at the convention is. When she realizes he’s her ex’s roommate, she realizes she’s not as lucky as she thought. Could the three of them have a future, or are things over before they start?


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