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Beast In His Madness by Author Stacey Marie Brown will go LIVE in 3 days!

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Title:  Beast In His Madness

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Fantasy

Series: Winterland Tale #4

Author: Stacey Marie Brown

Release Day: April 14, 2021


The bad boys and girls of Winterland are back for the final battle, and this fight isn’t just between naughty and nice, but life and death.

Dinah Liddell grew up plagued by nightmares of monsters and strange creatures only to discover they are all real. Winterland exists. Now, she’s being forced to return the Blood-Red Queen to her throne. 

This time there’s nothing Jessica Winters won’t do to destroy Winterland, warping the lines of reality for Dinah and robbing her of her sanity.

With her sister, Alice, and the gang, Dinah has to fight against an opponent she never saw coming—her own mind. Rediscovering the brazen girl she once was, full of fire and passion, she will break every rule to save those she loves.

But as usual in this mad, mad place, nothing is what it seems, and those she trusted will betray her.

In freeing one beast, Dinah sacrifices another. A monster who will be used to help bring down Winterland once and for all. 

The whole Winterland gang is in a fight for their lives, and as the war between naughty and nice bleeds the ground red, they find there is more to Jessica’s plan than to take Winterland. 

When a beauty breaks, the beast will fall, and down will go Winterland…Santa and all.

Alice in Wonderland meets Beauty and the Beast with a holiday twist! Don’t miss this final installation in this mad, twisted series. You poke the monster…you get the beast.

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