Danger lurks around every corner in this scorching romantic suspense by Amazon bestselling author, Louise Rose-Innes.
Socialite Lexi fled New York hours before her high society wedding to work at a gorilla sanctuary in the African jungle. She loves her new life, until she meets the park’s arrogant benefactor, Sir Anthony, who appears more concerned with his company’s eco-friendly image than the animals themselves. He symbolizes the materialistic, empty life she left behind – so why is she falling for him?
Former soldier-turned-CEO, Sir Anthony has to improve his engineering company’s flailing image, so he agrees to sponsor a gorilla sanctuary in the Congo. On a publicity trip, he meets the irrepressible Lexi, who’s determined to show him what life on the sanctuary is really like.
When rebels attack the local village and Lexi goes missing, Sir Anthony puts his life–and his heart–on the line to rescue her.
Sir Anthony will stop at nothing to track down the woman he loves in this passionate romantic suspense set in one of Africa’s most dangerous hotspots.

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