I’m already fanning myself over this summer small town romance. Even with a dozen reasons why they can’t be together, they can’t stay away and I am HERE FOR IT. 

The door opened with a whoosh, and framed in the threshold was Sebastian Vargas, smiling like he was the happiest man alive. 

I was struck breathless, caught in a tempest of emotion. But before I could speak, I was in his arms.

A thousand years could pass and I’d remember how his lips felt against mine. There had always been this thing between us, this spark of recognition. As if the very core of who we were knew the other, and when we kissed, the pieces snapped together precisely. Without question, without doubt. It was an elemental rightness, even caught off guard. Even when I knew I should stop him. For that moment, for what might be the last, perfect moment, I basked in that feeling, that rightness. 

The twist in my heart squeezed tighter. His grip eased. Our lips parted. He smiled.

“You’re here,” he said.

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