Excerpt Reveal for MASTER CLASS: FIRST THREE LESSONS by Raven Jayne!!



Release Date: May 26th

Bundle of Book 1-3 of her Master Class novella series

Each novella is a new lesson in the Master Class!


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Then I see him.


And everyone else in the room disappears.

Vlad doesn’t say anything to them, or about them, just nods me in the direction of the barre and says, “Begin.”

He’s usually allowed me to get through the first few minutes of warmup without criticism lately, but today he’s sighing before I’ve even gotten my feet into third position. “Your hips,” he says, jerking me into place and then smacking me on the ass. “And that core is an abomination. It’s like you haven’t heard a word I said these past few weeks. Stop thinking about your cunt and start dancing, Juliette.”

I know I’m blushing, and I sneak a glance at the men, but they’re all impassive, as if they expected this. So clearly, this is what my husband wants, even if I don’t understand why. One of them has a head of blonde curls; he’s the youngest, I think, and probably the most muscular under his suit. Maybe it’s just his youth, but he looks slightly more friendly than the rest of them, and I try to catch his eye as I sink into a grand plié.

Vlad pokes me in the back of my neck with the cane. “Focus.”

After that, Blondie won’t return my gaze. As I go through the rest of the exercises, I try each of them in turn—the one with a distinct scowl, and the one wearing a heavy gold ring on his thumb, the one with hints of ginger in his well-trimmed beard and even, at last, Master’s stormy eyes. I get nothing. No engagement, no response.



Series Blurb:

My entire life, I was trained to be a perfect bride.

I thought I was ready for my wedding.

I longed to meet the man who would be my husband.

Instead I met him.

The Master.

He says I’m not good enough.

He says I haven’t learned everything I need.

Ten lessons are all that stand between me and my future.

But the erotic journey he takes me on will teach me more than I ever dreamed.



Ten lessons are all that stand between me and my future…

My entire life has been determined for me.

I will be the trophy wife of a powerful man.

But another powerful man stands between us.

The first lesson he teaches me is obedience.

The second, patience.

My third lesson is supposed to be learning to control my mind.

But maybe I’d prefer he do it for me…



About the Author:

Two NYT bestselling authors got together and thought up a dirty little story.

You’re welcome.


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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Raven-Jayne-101193611998340


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