$0.99 for a limited time!!

$0.99 for a limited time!!

Amazon: https://addisoncain.com/a/8a
Apple: https://addisoncain.com/a/8w
Kobo: https://addisoncain.com/a/8n
Nook: https://addisoncain.com/a/8o
Google: https://addisoncain.com/a/8v
Universal: https://addisoncain.com/a/8b

Unanticipated, unwanted… unavoidable love at first sight.
One glance, and Matthew knew—just as he knew that the intriguing new girl in town would be nothing but trouble.
Country folk talk, and tongues were wagging about the blonde and her checkered past.
One that sweet girl was trying and failing to outrun.
Yet, this was no ordinary wayward soul. Charlotte was practically Chicago nobility.
And the city’s reigning kingpin wants Charlotte back under his wing. But small-town moonshiner, Matthew Emerson, will keep her right where she is—safe in his arms and hidden away from her sordid past.
A Taste of Shine is Book One in the A Trick of the Light duet

$0.99 for a limited time!

Amazon: https://addisoncain.com/a/86
Apple: https://addisoncain.com/a/8x
Kobo: https://addisoncain.com/a/8m
Nook: https://addisoncain.com/a/87
Google: https://addisoncain.com/a/8u
Universal: https://addisoncain.com/a/88

Anything, anything at all. That is how far Matthew will go to steal her back.
She loves him, he know she does. He knows Charlotte ran away thinking it might keep him safe from her obligations to Chicago’s Gangland.
But she needs him…
Nothing will keep Matthew from him from the woman he cannot live without.
And if she won’t listen to reason, then he’ll just have to tie her up and drag her home.
A SHOT IN THE DARK is book 2 in the A TRICK OF THE LIGHT duet.

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