💙The Kiss Keeper is FREE (June 17-June 21 Only)

The Kiss Keeper is a New Adult Summer Romance set on the coast of Maine.

Natalie Callahan is cursed. Out of luck. The family screw-up.

All thanks to a botched first kiss.

Sacked from her job and dumped by her boyfriend on the way to a week-long family celebration, she’s desperate to prove she’s not a train wreck. Only now, she needs someone to pose as her adoring significant other.

All seems lost until her path crosses with a sexy, stone-faced businessman who agrees to go along with her con.

Jake Teller is all about the deal. Dollars and cents beat love and commitment any day. When his boss entices him with a proposition that could set him up for life, he jumps at the opportunity. Even if it means he has to play the part of Natalie’s boyfriend for a week.

But Jake’s got a con of his own going—a con that could cost Natalie everything.

Can a heart change in a week? That all depends on the Kiss Keeper.

Click Here to Download The Kiss Keeper

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