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The Legacy, the sexy and provocative standalone romance from Wall Street Journal bestselling author Dylan Allen is ON SALE NOW for only ¢.99 for a limited time!

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Heir to a business empire,

Hayes Rivers was commanding, powerful, and sexy as hell.

When our paths crossed at a gorgeous seaside villa in Italy,

Sparks flew at first glance.

His searing kiss ignited them.

And it wasn’t just my body he set on fire;

I was enthralled by every fascinating word that

fell from his beautiful lips

And beneath his Master of the Universe facade,

beat a tender, fiercely loyal heart .

When it was time to say goodbye,

I wasn’t ready to give him up.

We came from completely different worlds

and the price of admission to his was steep.

But for the man who’d won my heart,

I was willing to pay it.

Loving Hayes was like leaping into an untamed river;

it consumed me, body and soul.

And he held onto me just as tightly.

But nothing could prepare us for the shocking pieces

of his past that ripped through us like a hurricane.

Will our love be enough shelter from the storm?

Or will it wash away everything we’ve built?

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