♬ 𝐎𝐍 𝐓𝐎𝐔𝐑 ♬ All That Jazz: A Quarantine Love Story by Katherine L. Evans! + My Review

Title: All That Jazz
Series: A Quarantine Love Story #1
Author: Katherine L. Evans
Genre: Contemporary/Erotic Romance
Release Date: July 26, 2021

“This was such a beautifully written book that had so much to offer. … this is the MUST-READ book of 2021!” ~Goodreads Review (Judith)

“Once the story takes off you will not put this book down as it leads on a roller coaster ride until the end…” ~Goodreads Review (Debra W.)

One sexy jazz musician. One ordinary woman. One worldwide lockdown. And all that jazz…

Awkward, mundane, and dare I even say, “vanilla?”
That’s me. That’s my life.
A past riddled with disappointment.
A future that doesn’t look brighter.
The only thing that keeps me going, keeps me happy when everything sucks, is sexy jazz musician, Lucky De Luca, with his Great Gatsby-style music and videos.
But when I’m the “lucky” winner chosen to spend one week at his mansion in New Orleans with him and his band, everything changes.
It’s finally my turn for excitement, to break free and enjoy life for once.
Until a pandemic hits…
Locked down with the man of my dreams, I’m now trapped in a world of debauchery and forbidden pleasure.
The drinks are cold.
The music’s hot.
The sexual energy is infectious.
Will I lose myself in my wildest fantasies?
Or will it become a nightmare like no other?


Spicy, sexy & emotional. There’s an interesting element to this author’s writing that I really liked. Her characters are not perfect. They’re a little broken which makes them seem real. The 1920’s jazz feel to the story was different and added an intriguing element to the story along with the always fabulous New Orleans French Quarters setting. I love the Big Easy and the super sexy NYC transplant musicians are right at home in the melting pot of music, partying and love. The piano player Lucky/Vin is a fabulous character flaws and all. A heartbreaking history that leads him to be callous at times but the mean seemed so realistic. His best bud Meyer is another fabulous character in the story along with all the extras in his Jazz Manor house that are sassy, sweet and at times sordid. The heroine in the story was also realistic even if I wanted to shake her at times. Ava was so ensconced in her low self worth that she lets life pass her by. Only her love for Lucky brought her happiness along with her bestie Zoey. I loved Zoey and hope she gets a story. Only when Ava is forced to quarantine in the Jazz Manor with Lucky and his housemates does she blossom. She and Zoey kick into gear after jobs disappear during the pandemic and the music scene dries up. The gals find a new venture and help Lucky stay relevant during a harsh time. His music thrives and his help to those housebound is terrific. And I haven’t even gotten to the spicy part of the story. There are some OTT steamy sex scenes especially between Lucky and Ava. He lights her up and it’s spectacular. A beast between the sheets! You know someone has to suffer in this pandemic story but I won’t spoil who. But it’s heartbreaking and so emotional as the sick one struggles with the virus and the loved ones stay strong for them. This kept my interest the whole time with the wonderful writing and spectacular characters. A terrific quarantine story with such realism as those forced together learn a new way of life and survival is paramount. It brought back a lot of the uncertainty of those early days that was so devastating. The romance was beautiful and sexy between our lovers. I did want an epilogue though. It just kind of ended. Still a fantastic read. Loved it!

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