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Cazbek, fire dragon of the Al-Maddeiri clan, has been a captive most of his life: slave, conscripted soldier, prisoner of war, parolee. 

At least he kept trading up—all the way to a Seattle penthouse and a position as head of security for the Al-Maddeiris’ corporate holdings. He’s been given power, unlimited resources, and even the trust and friendship of their king—Emon, the Darkwing Dragon. Well, unless the crazy bastard gets pissed at him one time too many and fries him to a crisp with a lightning bolt. 

Theoretically, Cazbek isn’t a prisoner anymore. He could leave whenever he wants—assuming he had anywhere to go. But his life still feels like a cage, and there’s a dark, primal force deep inside him threatening to burst out and tear him apart. 

Then he meets her

Lucinda Cross is convinced she’s about as ordinary as it gets—not beautiful, not brilliant, not especially brave or badass. She’s just looking for a job that doesn’t suck, so she can afford her photography habit: making a record of life’s tiny everyday moments—their beauty and humanity. 

Until one night she’s almost abducted outside a nightclub—and is rescued by a hot, mysterious man who is anything but ordinary. More like a superhero, especially when he takes her into hiding in his freaking penthouse lair. It’s like being in a glass fairy-tale castle in the sky. 

But even though Lucinda is sure she’s no Beauty, Cazbek definitely has a Beast side—and piles of secrets he can’t share. Can Lucinda trust him to keep her safe—and even more, can she trust him with her heart?

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