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It all started with a sext message …

Well, it actually “ended,” but that’s a story for another day. 

Freshly divorced, I decide to spend a week at a luxury retreat for singles. 

I should’ve known better …

The only man I manage to “meet” is my massage therapist, who is way too young for me, but that doesn’t stop him from pursuing me at the resort. 

He makes it all too tempting, all too easy to say yes. 

Thankfully, I manage to check out without giving in, but he shows up at my doorstep days later to finish what we started. 

The thing is, his age isn’t the only problem between us. 

He’s also my best friend’s younger brother

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It all started with a sex scene…

Well, I was failing to write a sex scene.

As an author of over fifty smut books, I was struggling to do what I did best. So, for fun, I asked one of my best online friends for some help.

I really shouldn’t have done that…

He wrote the scene far better than I ever could, and seven months of platonic, yet-flirty friendship were wiped away in ten minutes.

He asked to meet me in person…

We’d previously agreed to keep things digital, to remain faceless friends–since he was forty-two, and I was twenty-six, but neither of us could resist.

When I saw him at the airport, I was instantly attracted to him.

But I knew, right then and there, that we could never be.

Turns out that the man I’d been talking to for the past several months is the last person I expected.

The last person I should ever think about…

He’s my dad’s best friend.

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