THE LIE, book one in the Charade trilogy by Stella Gray is FREE for a limited time!

The world knows Ford Malone as the heir to a real estate fortune. 

But to me he’ll always be my best friend.
The guy who saved me from my bullies back in school.
The man I’ve secretly loved for years.

When he needs me to be his plus one at a family event, I agree without hesitation.

Imagine my surprise when he announces our engagement.

As usual, I’ll play along.

Nothing has to change except the way we behave—the way we touch—in public.

But his private touches change everything.

Soon the crush I’ve hidden for so long is threatening to swallow me whole.

If I tell him how I feel, it could ruin our friendship forever.

But if I don’t, the lie will ruin me instead.

Book One in the Charade Series.

Apple Books ➙ https://geni.us/LieApple
Amazon US ➙ https://geni.us/LieAmazon
Kobo ➙ https://geni.us/LieKobo
Nook ➙ https://geni.us/LieNook
Google Play ➙ https://geni.us/LieGoogle

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