$0.99 Box Set!!!

West Coast Players is Layla Valentine’s complete blockbuster series of west coast hero romance novels. Six sizzling and engrossing tales of secret babies, blushing brides, and dashing west coast hunks await you, and all for a bargain price!

Get West Coast Players Box Set

Baby Secrets in Seattle:

My first meeting with Craig Jones wasn’t anything like the other investors.
Back then he was just the most drop-dead gorgeous man I had ever laid eyes on.
Little did I know, he was going to make me rich – and make me a mother!

Alaska Heat:

He’s the Alaskan cowboy with bone-meltingly good looks,
She’s just some city slicker who doesn’t know a horse from a hay bale.
But one thing she does know?
This Alaskan winter is going to get HEATED!

Hollywood Triplets:

At 17, I got the diagnosis that seemed to set my future in stone.
I didn’t think I’d ever find a partner, never mind have babies,
All of a sudden, I’m having three!

The Portland Ploy:

He’s on the verge of superstardom,
All he needs is a beautiful family to call his own,
Why not buy one?

San Francisco Big Money Bride:

The mother of all inheritances has just been left to me,
Unfortunately, it comes with some pretty specific conditions attached.
I need a bride that fits the bill, and fast!

Accidental Hawaii Bride:

I woke up with a drop-dead-gorgeous billionaire,
No memories of the previous night, but legally married, and newly rich…
But is everything as it seems?

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