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Time is running out…

Liam vowed he’d never go back there. Not after last time. Yet he can’t say no. His unit is deploying in less than two hours, and he’s got to get his head straight. Two aid workers, kidnapped at Kabul airport while trying to get out of Afghanistan. The deadline for the British military withdrawal is 72 hours, after that, the aid workers don’t stand a chance.

Kidnapped by the Taliban. A scenario she was told would never happen. Yet, here she is with her work colleague, Aaron, both taken in an attempt to get to the airport before it closes and they’re stuck forever in this volatile country. Now it seems they’ll never get out. 

Then out of the blue, a special forces unit descends on the compound. In the chaos, she and Aaron are separated and she’s on the run with a grouchy, giant of a man with no empathy whatsoever. It seems he switched off his emotions long ago. A man she has no choice but to trust to get her out of the ticking time bomb that is Taliban-held Afghanistan.

Get it here: special preorder price of 99c!

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