⭐ FREEBIE & SALE ALERT ⭐ A.M. Brooks is having a SALE! Midwest Boys Series!

I am SO excited to share with you that Author A.M. Brooks is having a HUGE ebook deal on not one… not two but THREE books in the Midwest Boys Series!  #Rogue, #MNGirl & #MYMNGirl!  For a limited time ONLY!

Grab your copy today!

➪ ($0.00):

#Rogue: https://books2read.com/Roguethebeginning 

#MNGirl: https://books2read.com/MNGirl

➪ ($1.99):

#MYMNGirl: https://books2read.com/MyMNGirl 

• • •  ABOUT THE BOOKS  • • •


What started as a shelter for the weak, the defenseless, the brave, the survivors, soon became a family’s legacy. 

Their protection became a town’s mission.


My family’s scandal is my fall from grace. The night of my seventeenth birthday leads to the final event that catapults my future in a different direction. One call for help turns into my only chance of survival.


I was hidden so we could be safe.

I survived so I could reclaim my life.

Now, everything has been destroyed by the same evil always lurking in the shadows.

Time is running out and my world keeps unraveling.

Already a fan of The Midwest Boys?

Join the release promotions for the last book in the series, #NYGirl: http://bit.ly/ReleasePromotionNYGirlAB

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