FREE!!! Catching Betsy (Mail-Order Grooms Book 2)

Betsy Blake yearns for love and romance, but the unattached men of Virginia City are crude, rough cowboys without the gentlemanly qualities she desires. She pens an advertisement in the paper for a mail-order groom from the east, specifying that he be well-dressed and mannerly.

Roderick Mason’s reputation as an architect in New York City has earned him great success, but he hasn’t been as lucky in love. The women of his circle are too prim and predictable for the adventurous rake. He longs for excitement and a woman who will challenge him. When he reads Betsy’s ad in the paper requesting a gentleman groom, he’s intrigued, so he heads west to meet her.

Roderick and Betsy are immediately smitten, but they soon discover that not everyone in Virginia City is pleased by their match, especially one man who wants Betsy as his own. As Betsy’s stalker becomes increasingly threatening, Roderick realizes he will go to great lengths to protect his sweet little country girl, including taking her over his knee for some painful discipline when she misbehaves or puts herself in danger. Will Betsy learn to face her problems and accept Roderick’s love and discipline, or will he never succeed at what he desires most–protecting and catching Betsy?

Publisher’s Note: Catching Betsy is a standalone story in the Mail-Order Grooms series. It contains sexual scenes and adult punishment spanking. If that doesn’t appeal to you, please don’t read this book.

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