Bay Falls High – the Rulz (3 book series)

ALL THREE BOOKS on SALE for only $0.99 each!


From Book 1: After UNTouched. After UNLoved. After UNTamed.
Comes … the Rulz.
Their stories. Their words.
This is what happens after the wild ending to UNTamed.

Up first: PRES. 

She was the dirty, poor girl…
… now she’s mine.

You read Tinsley’s story. Through her eyes.
Now it’s my turn.

This is about The Rulz. This is about controlling BFH. This is about finding my place in a world where I will do anything to keep Tinsley safe.

If you think things have calmed down after everything that happened, you’re wrong.
In some ways… things are just getting started.

I never thought I’d say this…
…but maybe it’s time for The Rulz to be cut down to just two members.

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