Perfect is FREE! (For a limited time)

For the first time ever, read this Elite Doms of Washington standalone book for free! Here’s a little snippet to whet your appetite.

Marcos’ lips arched up into a half smile. “Isabella, have you liked the way I’ve touched you?”


“I’ve just begun to get to know your body.”

She flushed and cast her gaze down. She felt shy now? Too late for that.

“Present your eyes.”

When she raised her face, crinkles formed around his eyes. Oh, yes, she liked earning his smiles. He so rarely gave them out.

“Now listen to me. You need a Master who loves you enough to discipline you when you fall short of your own standards, don’t you? Someone who directs you, and then holds you accountable. A Master to whom your actions matter.”

“Yes.” Warmth pooled in her belly at his words. His words bathed her in a familiarity so strong it was as if she’d spoken them herself. Mark not only saw her, he understood her. Soul deep.

She’d never been the kind of woman who angered over being told what to do. She’d never felt unequal or demeaned in a submissive role, rather more like a helpmate and compliment to her lover. And, she’d never once asked why God had made her this way. She didn’t care why. She just wanted to play her part—and for her part to have value.

He stood and approached her. An arrow of thrilling anticipation landed directly between her legs. A cool shadow fell across her face when he stopped directly in front of her, blocking the window’s sunlight. She shivered at the thought of his closeness.

His rough hand captured her chin. “Some people’s expectations are small. Not mine.”



Perfect contains some very smexy scenes, domestic discipline and a whole lotta heart.

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