COVER RE-REVEAL + 99c SALE! Falling All In by Gia Kim!!

COVER RE-REVEAL + 99c SALE! Falling All In by Gia Kim has a brand new cover and is only 99c for a limited time + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!

“A truly enjoyable read full of heat and lots of heart, with characters you’ll fall in love with.” – Goodreads reviewer

“romantic, swoony, and perfectly steamy. This was a great book!” – Goodreads reviewer

“A mix of humor with angst that was beautiful to read.” – Goodreads reviewer


Cover Design: Sarah Kil Creative Studio
Photo: Wander Aguiar
Model: Kyle Kriesel

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With her history of bad relationships, Mindy believes the closest she will ever get to martial bliss is standing up at her best friend’s wedding.

Then, she meets Austin.

The wedding photographer is sexy, charming, and completely unattainable. Still, Mindy is irresistibly drawn to him. Even though she’s convinced she’s setting her self up for another heartache, seeing everyone else around her find love prompts her to take the risk… one last time.

After a painful breakup in college, Austin made his career his sole focus. Photographing weddings seemed a far safer option than vowing himself to a lifelong commitment. While he couldn’t deny his attraction to Mindy, he pushed her away out of fear of getting hurt.

He thought concentrating on work would chase all thoughts of the enticing beauty from his mind. But something seems to be missing from his life, there’s a hole in his heart no distraction can fill. Only when he sees Mindy in passing does he realize letting her walk out of his life was the biggest mistake he ever made. Can Austin convince her to give him a second chance? Or was their shot at happiness over before it even began?

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