Fear No Evil is FREE for a limited time!!

Fear No Evil

An Enemies to Lovers High School Bully Romance

Asheville’s elitist sons thought they safely buried the evidence of their heinous crime deep in the Oakley Woods. 
How wrong they were.
It only took one fateful Halloween night for two Southside sworn enemies to stumble onto their dangerous secret.
The nightly events that follow will change their lives forever. 

Chase Dixon…
He’s the boy who lives to torment me.
For the past five years he’s made sure to turn everyone against me.
Because of him I’m considered Asheville High’s favorite outcast.
All because I broke Southside’s number one rule—don’t be a rat.
But I don’t regret what I’ve done. Not by a long shot.
If the price I have to pay for doing the right thing is to bear Chase’s merciless wrath then so be it.
I’d rather have his hate than his apathy anyway.

Ava Bailey…
She used to be my best friend—my fucking first love.
Then she ruined it by opening her big beautiful mouth to the cops.
She took something from me. Something she can’t give back.
Living in the Southside, she should have known better than to steal what was rightfully mine.
Ava has to pay for her treachery.
And I’ll enjoy every minute of getting my pound of flesh.

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