Pinkie Promise Duet is 99c!!!

Seven minutes in heaven awarded me seven years in hell.

Ryan Carter has admired Savannah Fontane since she whizzed down his street on her hot pink bike with rainbow tassels taped on the handlebars. He was in awe someone so young could ride without training wheels, he asked his mom to remove his that same afternoon.

Savannah drew a rainbow heart on his cast the very next day.

From then, they were inseparable. Ryan thought Savannah would heal the cracks his parent’s volatile relationship caused to his heart. Only now is he realizing she may fracture it beyond repair.  

Pinkie Promise Duet is Ryan and Savannah’s complete story. It includes both ‘The Way We Are’ and ‘The Way We Were’ and is approximately 180,000 words in length. Author warning: this duet includes situations of domestic violence that may be distressing for some readers. Discretion is advised.

US: Amazon

UK: Amazon

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AUD: Amazon

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