An Enemies to Lovers Mafia Romance.

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I’ve fallen in love with my kidnapper. WTF have I done…

Damian isn’t your typical boy next door, he’s the boy the neighbors hide from, he’s the man your friends tell you to leave alone, and your mother tells you he’s no good.

But I didn’t listen, not when Damian is everything beautiful, wrapped up in the perfect package, with his smooth tongue, and devilish charm.

I kept telling myself meeting a guy like Damian is too good to be true. And I was right. Not everything is as it seems. Damian is hiding a dark secret and the clock is ticking.

I fell for his lies and let him whisk me away to Italy. I expected the romance of a lifetime but found myself in Mafia crime boss hell.

My life is in danger, and I may be in too deep. But surprise protection and love rush in when I least expect it. My life depends on where my loyalties lie.

I must choose wisely or suffer the consequences…

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