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Title: Ruthless Charm

Genre: College Sports Romance

Series: The Ruthless Devils, Book Three

Author: Eve L. Mitchell

Release Day: October 6, 2021


She is his escape. He is her shelter. 

Mia’s been on the sidelines her whole life. Her parents have never been interested in her, and the only constant in her life has been her best friend, Ava. But Ava’s gone and fallen for a Devil—and everyone knows the Devils are trouble. In fact, trouble is now knocking on the door, threatening them all. 

Mia has no intention of becoming involved in the drama, but she can’t deny she’s worried. So when Ava insists that Mia needs someone to watch over her, she reluctantly agrees.

Enter Ash Santo. 

Ash is not Mia’s idea of a knight in shining armour. He’s a player on the field—and an even bigger player off the field. But she finds unexpected shelter in his arms, and she can’t help falling for his charms.

Ash is still reeling from the revelations about his ex-girlfriend and his cousin. Desperate for an opportunity to escape them both, he begrudgingly agrees to watch over Mia. 

No one is more surprised than he is when Mia proves to be an enjoyable distraction. She’s flirty, sexy, and fun. It’s problematic because his cousins told him to stay away from her; they already have enough problems without him messing about with Ava’s best friend.

They told him to resist temptation. But what if he doesn’t want to? 

And what will happen when the danger stalking them finally emerges from the shadows?

Three guys, three girls, one game. The Devils are playing to win. 

**Ruthless Charm is book 3 of 3 in the Ruthless Devils Series. It must be read after the other books in the series. This is a college sports romance, and may contain triggers for sensitive readers. Due to mature content, and language, it is recommended for readers 17+ only.**

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